Sandra meets George Ross

Sandra_GeorgeRoss11I met George Ross, who is Donald Trump’s right-hand man and often seen on The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice.

He’s an expert businessman and strategist.

Sandra meets Gene Simmons

Sandra_GeneSimmons1I met Gene Simmons in 2008 at the Glazer-Kennedy Super Conference. He’s an amazing BRAND and continues to grow the band he’s a part of for years. Only people my age would remember the band Kiss!

He also signed his book for me. Fabulous guy!

Sandra meets Ali Brown

Sandra_Ali09-225x300Ali Brown is a superb businesswoman and fabulous person. I’ve followed her for over 8 years, learnt loads of internet marketing techniques from her and been in awe of her success! She’s been on the Inc500 list for a few years as one of the fastest growing companies in America.

Sandra meets Sheri McConnell

Sandra_SheriI’ve been in Sheri McConnell’s network for years and used her business models to build some of my businesses. She’s a mother to 4 and an excellent leader. The most important lesson I’ve learnt from her is about having no attachment to other’s opinions about you and focusing on your “WHY” in building your business.