“Saved From Chaos!”

“Working with Sandra saved us from CHAOS!

Sandra’s expertise coupled with her advisory capacity allows us to focus on the day-to-day details of running the company while feeling secure knowing that she is just a phone call away.”

Mrs. Molvie Barthley,
General Manager
PIC Insurance Co. Ltd.
Tel: 268-562-3940

“Thorough and Efficient”

“Sandra was engaged as an auditor for our financial year ended 31/3/09. We used [prior auditors] in the previous two audits.

I found Sandra very pleasant and knowledgeable in her chosen field. She was thorough with the audit however slight empathy is shown when small mistakes were made.

She was very efficient in her handling of the audit. I found her to be competent and flexible in her approach with clients. I must admit this is the first time I find working with an auditor not such a trial.”

Rosalind Klass, Finance Director
Pirates of Antigua Limited

“Four New Clients and 12 New Loan Customers”

“I purchased GET CLIENTS NOW! last year. Upon finishing and implementing the 28-day program, I signed four new clients for accounting services and twelve loan modification customers within six weeks.”

Rob Zakir
Tax and Financial Services

“Proven, Clear, No Guessing!”

“…shows you all the proven ways of marketing one’s business, and helps you figure out which of these apply to you. It made clear to me exactly what I should be doing — no more guessing.”

Karen Frishman
Marketing Consultant

“Happy To Recommend You”

“I enjoyed talking to you Sandra and found that you guided me to a place where I felt that my imagination was being activated. I was thinking about the most important thing about the forthcoming job- that is the essence of communication between teacher and her students. I re-experienced some of that magic.

Additionally, you were a good listener and did not interrupt with your own interpretation of how I should be, but allowed me to explore what was important for me at the time. I would be happy to recommend your coaching to others.

Many Thanks for your time”.

Jane Hewer, UK

“Solid Business Knowledge!”

It’s a comfort to know that someone with good work practices, sound ethical advice and solid business knowledge has our best interest at heart and we are on the same team.

Sandra and her team are competent, cheerful and timely. I do not hesitate to recommend her to individuals or businesses.

Karen Martin-Marajah
Laparkan (Antigua) Ltd.

“Use a One Page Business Plan!”

“Know your vision! Be clear about what your practice will look like and be precise about who you want to serve. Know your critical numbers… the numbers that will make your practice successful. And be extraordinarily clear about why these numbers are important to you. If you can measure it, you can manage it! And when your values are clear, decisions are easy.Use a One Page Business Plan!”

Edward Deutschlander, CLU, CLF
Executive Vice President, North Star Resource Group
President, GAMA International 2007 – 2008

“From $1 to $10 million in less than 5 years… with One Page Business Plans!”

Practical, fun, and inspiring! Meeting Jim Horan and doing The One Page Business Plan at a SBA workshop in 2000 was absolutely invaluable to me as an entrepreneur and business owner. The return on investment was incredible!

I used the One Page principles consistently while building my business, an organic beauty company that went from $1M to $10M in less than 5 years. Every year, my partner and each of my managers created One Page Plans for the New Year. They kept us focused, energized, motivated.

I am certain the discipline required by writing and implementing our One Page Business Plans helped keep us on track to build the business I always dreamed of! Building a business is hard work! One Page Business Plans will focus your efforts! This is the planning tool for anyone serious about building a business!

Christin Powell
Founder & CEO, Juice Beauty 2000-2007

“From $13, 000 to $250,000”

My first year as a rookie financial advisor was tough, I made only $13,000. Last year I made $250,000 and I mostly attribute it to having a OPBP for the last three years.

After creating my plan, particularly my Mission Statement I stopped cold calling and started focusing on my LGBT community which was the reason I came into this industry. I love my One Page Plan!

Cheryl Rebottaro
Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley

“Quite A Woman!”

“Sandra, you are quite a woman”

Ellen Cahill


“Serious, Committed and Professional”

“As a banker, I love The One Page Business Plan. I know the potential business owner is serious, committed and professional. This is truly a breakthrough in business planning!”

Jerry Ricketts, Vice President
Scotts Valley Bank

Positive Reviews from our Productivity Booster Shot Workshop!

“Very Great Workshop.”

“Hot bang on important key success, Leadership skills necessary for today’s business success and creating a highly motivated work team.”

“Presenters were all very knowledgeable and used great powerpoint presentations and activities to motivate the team and get everyone involved.”

Eloise Green,
Anchor Concierge and Super Yacht Services

“Very Informative and Eye Opening Ideas and Explanations.”

“Reasons given for doing what we do on a day to day routine or what we need to do was very well put across. I am motivated to do whatever it take to achieve success in my business and to pass on what I have gained today.”

Debbie Smith,
Pink Mongoose

“I appreciate the information.”

“The visualization activity is one of the things that stands out for me as it is one of the things that I have been working on recently (but struggling with).”

Kellyn Challenger,
Big Banana

“Made me thing of ways to motivate myself.”

“Also various changes I need to make professionally and personally. I especially liked when Janice did the exercise to envision my future self. It made me finalize what my utmost personal goal is.”

Amey Lake,
Next International

“Workshop was well received.”

“Motivating your team, motivating yourself. Each end of topic activity really opens up the mind to think further and how to improve self and others.”

Taneecia Spragg,
South Point Hotel

“Presently unmotivated but Thank YOU!”

“This course helped especially the last 30 minutes.”

Alfredo Diedrick,
The Larder

Positive Reviews from our Boost Your Sales Bootcamp!

“Very Informative”

“Taught us how to deal with our customers and aim for the sky and make more money for my company by increasing my Sales.”

Carla Humphreys,
A. S. Bryden & Sons

“I found the training to be very beneficial.”

“I learnt alot and will put what I learnt to good use.”

Trevor Patrick,
A. S. Bryden & Sons

“The training was very informative.”

“Alot of information was gathered, that I can use in my work and everyday life.”

Sophia Morgan,
A. S. Bryden & Sons

“The presentation was educating.”

“I gained alot of information and will do my best to put it into practice.”

Jameson Spencer,
A. S. Bryden & Sons

“Very educational and motivational.”

Thomas Marie,
A. S. Bryden & Sons

“I was super excited, the presentation left me feeling energized and ready to sell millions.”

The speakers were energetic in the delivery of their presentations and the information was well received by myself and the other attendees! An excellent presentation!

Jermile Andrew,
Sales Representative and Marketing Consultant

Positive Reviews from our Accelerated Accounting Strategies Bootcamp!

“Very informative and easy to follow.”

“The presenter- Sandra was clear with her expectations and examples. I look forward to more seminars from her.”

Jamaine Pelle,
Brownies Bakery Ltd.

“This presentation was very informative.”

“And was delivered in good time. Thanks! I hope next time my other staff members can be exposed.”

Francine Albertine,
St. John’s Development Corporation

“Very informative session.”

“Details provided on the cash flow statement was helpful. Thank you.”

Cynthia Jacobs Browne,
St. John’s Development Corporation

“Good Job as Usual.”

Denise George Limerick,
NIDMA Apartments

“Very informative and thought provoking.”

Daniel Joseph,
St. John’s Development Corporation

“Presentation was very informative.”

“Learnt one or two things I didn’t know!”

Delina Dowe Walsh,
St. John’s Development Corporation

“Presentation was highly informative.”

“It was also very educational and allowed participant interaction”

Marlene Christopher,
Wadadli Kitchens

“Very Informative Presentation by Ms. Baptist.”

“Such presentation always reminds one of the importance of a business/ company’s accounting practices and policies to achieve a healthy and successful business. Looking forward to more from PACCS! Thank You to the PACCS Inc Team!”

Nichola Brown,
American University of Antigua

“Presentation was good and Information was well put together.”

“The time was a bit short, there should have been a bit more hands on practical work. Overall very good for persons that never did accounting before.”

Toy- Anne Bailey,
Rex Halcyon Hotel

“A comfortable environment…”

“…..was provided where everyone were encouraged to ask questions for clarification. No one was looked down upon.”

Patrice King,
Antigua Port Authority

“I appreciate the hands- on and interactive approach…”

“….being able to hear about the various sectors and unique problems was insightful. The presentation allowed me to think of my company’s current policies and ways to improve.”

Indra Walker,
American University of Antigua

“Attending this bootcamp brought up some questions I had about Accounting.”

“The process alerted me to bring up some important information which I need to ask of the Accountant and Bank Services.”

Dr Maria Periera,

“Great Learning Experience/ Knowledgeable/ I loved it!”

Mr. Curtis Dennie,
Operations Manager,
Antigua Port Authority

“The presentation was clear and informative”

“I am looking forward to receiving the powerpoint and to go through the examples to make sure that I really understand what was presented. I would appreciate some further explanation on how you handle prepayments and accounts also.”

Ethlyn Gilead,
Antigua Printing and Publishing Ltd.

Informative Feedback and Positive Reviews from our !Ignite!: Fueling Women's Entrepreneurship Event!

Leap SME Conference 2016 for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Women Leaders and Youths

“I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions that I attended Sandra. It was an afternoon well spent.”

– Mrs. Pamela Arthurton,

Manager, Carib-World Travel

Leap The SME 2016 Conference Attendee Review: Darryl George

Leap The SME 2016 Conference Positive Attendees' Review

Leap The SME 2016 Conference Attendee Review: D. Spencer

LEAP: The SME Conference 2017 Reviews - The Sales and Money Experience!

“I was very impressed with Sandra Baptist’s portfolio and look forward to reading her work.”

– Lydia Bird, LEAP 2017 Attendee